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If you’re looking for title loans, you may look to Titlemax Title Loans in Richardson, TX, but the truth is that they cannot compete with VIP Finance. Our low rates and simple terms are some of the best in the industry. We even have one of the most lenient grace periods if you’re late with a payment or have missed a payment. This is why so many people choose to get their title loan from VIP Finance.

Is a Title Loan Right for You?

There are many reasons why someone would consider a title loan. Professionals in sales may use a title loan to hold them over between commission checks. Perhaps you’ve had unforeseen medical bills show up. We’ve even had people say they needed the money to buy school supplies and clothes for their children. Whatever the reason, VIP Finance wants to get you the best title loan you could possibly have.
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Titlemax Title Loans Richardson TX: What Local Competitors Won’t Tell You

Many of our competitors, like Titlemax Title Loans in Richardson, TX, cannot really compete with what VIP Finance offers. Here’s an idea of how VIP Finance will treat you better than the competition:

  • Locally Owned Business – Other title loan businesses may be run by out-of-state entities. This means that they are run under laws that may be more favorable to them. That’s not how VIP Finance is run. We operate under Texas state law. We care about our community and Texas citizens.
  • Clear Terms That Make Sense – the other guys won’t tell you about what happens at the end of the month if you don’t repay your loan in full. They often take your loan and roll it over into a new loan. This compounds your interest to be paid. By the time you finish paying, you could have effectively paid 150-300%! Our rate is 6%, and we help you plan out the loan in a term from 4-12 months. This means you know what you owe each month and you have a clear idea of when you’ll be repaid in full with no surprises.
  • Lowest APR in the Industry – Shop around with our competitors and just ask what their APR is. Ours is an industry low at 6% ARP. Other title loan business claim to have low rates, but the truth is that they charge interest if you’re unable to pay within one month. This is how many people end up paying 150 or even 300% APR!

About VIP Finance of Texas

It’s for these reasons that people turn to VIP Finance to assist with their title loan needs. We have years of experience with titles loans, and we can help you out today. Come in to take advantage of our low rates and clear terms. We are invested in our community, so let’s work together.

Let Us Help You Today!

Are you ready to get yourself a title loan? If so, come check out our Richardson VIP Finance location and see for yourself why so many people choose VIP over the competition. Feel free to send us an email to inquire about how VIP Finance can help you today. Remember, if we can’t save you money, we don’t deserve your business!



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VIP Finance of Texas

VIP has been in business since 1989 as the 1st Auto Title Lender in the DFW Metroplex. We are locally owned and operated here in the DFW area in the great state of Texas. This creates quite a few benefits for our customers. For example, because we are not a big corporation our policies are flexible based on different situations.

Also, we are a Registered Creditor with the state of Texas and governed by Texas laws, which is rare in this industry. Most of our competitors are out of state lenders governed by out of state laws that are more favorable to them.

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