In the financial market today, people with less-than-perfect credit are having a difficult time getting loans. But little do they know that an auto title loan Lewisville can unlock the equity in their cars.

How to Get an Auto Title Loan:

Any Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex resident with a paid-off vehicle simply needs to go into VIP Finance and fill out their easy application. They should bring their vehicle in for inspection, proof of car title, proof of residence and proof of income. No credit report is run.

Once a borrower is approved for an auto title loan, VIP Finance places a lien on the automobile until the loan is paid off. The beauty of an auto title loan Lewisville is that the loan amount is based on the equity in the vehicle, not on the borrower’s credit rating.

People Who Qualify:

Any car owner can get an auto equity loan Lewisville as long as he or she a paid-off car and a regular job or source of income. Even people on fixed incomes, such as Social Security Benefits, pensions or disability insurance, can get an auto equity loan. Also, if the borrower’s car is not completely paid off, VIP Finance can pay off the balance of the loan and still save the borrowers money.

Loan Term:

A Lewisville auto title loan from VIP Finance has a loan term of up to one year.

This makes the payments much more affordable than payday loan payments. VIP Finance is owned and operated locally, and they are able to be more flexible in working with their borrowers. If a borrower must miss a payment or make his or her payment late, VIP Finance will work with that person to bring him or her current on the loan.


The interest on a VIP Finance loan is only 6 percent annually. If this is compared to the interest on a payday loan, it is easy to see that the money saved with an auto title loan is astronomical.

Here is a Hypothetical Example:

If a car owner gets a loan for $4,000 from VIP Finance in Lewisville, the total payoff amount is $4,240. The paperwork is filled out one time only. There is no bimonthly “renewal” of the loan.

Other auto title lenders require that the loan (plus interest) is paid off every two weeks.

These loans have annual interest rates between 150 percent and 300 percent. Total payoffs on a $4,000 loan would range from $10,000 to $16,000.


As long as payments are made on time to VIP Finance, the borrower will see his or her balance decrease from month to month.

Other lenders apply the payment to “interest only,” and it takes forever before the actual principal balance decreases.


VIP Finance offers a lender-approved auto club that protects the borrower if the vehicle is totaled or breaks down.