Low interest title loans shouldn’t be difficult to understand – but then why are so many people overpaying for their title loans? It’s simple really. Companies know you need the money now, make their terms confusing or limiting, and then capitalize on your need. Here at VIP Finance of Texas, we think that’s wrong, which is why we are different!

When we say we offer low interest title loans, we mean it and we keep the entire process simple, transparent and easy to follow! Don’t believe us? Compare us here! The numbers don’t lie, and with one year terms, we make the numbers simple the understand and easy to budget for, which in turn makes it more likely that you can easily pay back your loan.

You see, we bank on the fact that you will pay us back, instead of hoping you won’t be able to, like many of the other low-interest title loan companies out there. We want to earn your business by saving you money, not by locking you in and trapping you!

Signs You Are Overpaying for Your Low Interest Title Loans:

There are many signs you are overpaying for your low interest title loans. But with the smoke and mirror show of many of our competitors, it can be hard to tell exactly how much you are paying in interest vs. on your premium. Other companies bank on your confusion, but not VIP Finance of Texas!

See the most sure signs below that you are overpaying for your low interest title loans, and see the VIP Finance of Texas difference!

Numbers Don’t Lie: Did you know that with our competitors you could pay over $10,000 for a year title loan of only $4,000? That’s madness! With VIP Finance of Texas’ true low interest title loans you only pay $4,240 on a $4,000 year-long title loan.

That means you only pay $240 in interest, a much lower number than over $6,000 with the other guys!

Length of Term Matters: The other guys will try to confuse you or tell you that you have to have a monthly term, meaning you need to restart your loan every month. This is not only expensive, but time consuming, making you fill out extra paperwork each time you go in to pay.

With VIP Finance of Texas you can choose your term length up to a year or all the way down to 4 months, meaning you have the power to control how much you pay and for how long. Seems like a nice change, doesn’t it?

Low Interest Title Loans Don’t Mean Lowest: Maybe you are scratching your head thinking ‘my Texas title loan company said they had low interest title loans too…?’ And maybe they do by industry standards, but ‘low interest title loans’ does not mean they are the lowest. They could call 18% ‘low interest’ but that’s triple the rate of VIP Finance of Texas!

With interest rates of only 6% with all fees included and durations of 4-12 months, you actually get to pay off your balance each month as you pay! What a pleasant change!

We Encourage You to Shop Around: Other companies might try to pressure you into signing your low interest title loans on the spot without researching or looking into other options of companies, but not VIP Finance of Texas! We know we’re the best with the lowest rates and friendliest staff, so we encourage you to take your time, see what else is out there, because if we can’t save you money, we don’t deserve your business.

We want to be the best for our customers, which is why we work with you to find the best fit, best payments and best terms, all with the best low interest, of course!

Are You Ready to Stop Overpaying?

If any of the above tips helped you see the light and you’re ready to stop overpaying for your low interest title loans today, then talk to use at VIP Finance of Texas, as we can work with you to even buy out your old low interest title loans for a lower one.

All you need to bring with you is your vehicle, Texas car title, proof of insurance and income and proof of residency, it really is that simple! So get your low interest title loans today and see the difference of VIP Finance of Texas. Find your best location here!