In A Bind? Get Cash From Your Vehicle
If you’ve seen friends refinance their home to get cash out, you may be wondering if you can do the same thing with your car. It’s only a few years old and still looks brand new. You may also be in a bind for cash. Although a big bonus at work is pending, you need cash today. Luckily, VIP Finance of Texas has your solution. We specialize in auto loan titles that are fair for every borrower. Whether you need to borrow money for two months or a year, we have you covered with our unique evaluation and cash-out process.

Your Car Has Value

Similar to evaluating a home, your car has value too. When you visit us for a quote, you need to bring the car and title. Our inspection teams look over the exterior, interior, and engine. Using our customized appraisal system, we offer you a loan amount, based on the vehicle’s condition. Depending on your car, the loan can be between $300 or $6,000. We work with you to negotiate your final loan amount and cash payment terms.

Monthly Payments And Term

At VIP Finance of Texas, we know that you need some flexibility when it comes to monthly payments on the loan.

After valuing your vehicle, we provide you with monthly payment quotes to find your best match. Some payments could be as low as $100. You must agree to pay the minimum payment amount, but you are also welcome to pay a little extra each month.

If you pay off the loan early, there are no penalties. We want you to be a satisfied customer, regardless of your loan’s duration. However, you must pay the loan off within a year, which is our typical maximum term duration.

Our Reasonable Interest Rate

If you are used to a huge interest rate value, such as 300 percent, you will be pleased with our offering. VIP Finance of Texas uses a standard 6 percent interest rate on all our auto title loans. Our company is here to help you, not to gouge your checkbook.

Credit Score Factor

If you have bad credit from a bankruptcy or divorce, you do not have to worry.

We do not run a credit report to loan you money. Your vehicle is the collateral and credit. As long as there is value in the car, your credit score is a moot factor.

Other Vehicle Financing Options

If you don’t have a car, there are other vehicles that qualify for the auto title loan.

Recreational vehicles and motorcycles are perfect examples of vehicles we accept as collateral. Essentially, the item needs to have a title attributed to it for consideration.

VIP Finance of Texas offers you the best rates in the industry. As a successful company since 1989, we strive to care for our customers through each transaction. By bringing in your vehicle today, we can provide hard numbers for your potential loan to ease your financial obligations.