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Are you looking for title loans in Dallas, TX? VIP Finance is the premier Dallas title loans company. We are a locally owned and operated establishment. While you can find Title Max loans in Dallas, TX, they could not possibly match our low-interest title loans. Stop by our Dallas location and find yourself the very best title loans in Dallas.

Looking for Title Loans in Dallas, Texas?

Are you looking for title loans in Dallas, TX? You’re not alone! VIP Finance has helped thousands of people save money by rolling their existing title loan into one of our affordable plans. Or maybe you’re in need of a Texas car title & payday loan because you’ve had unseen expenses appear. Perhaps you’re looking for title loans in Dallas because you’re a sales professional waiting for a commission check. Whatever the reason, VIP Finance is here to help.

What Competitors Won’t Tell You

Car title loans in Dallas, TX are fairly easy to obtain, but many of our competitor’s trick customers into loans they couldn’t possibly afford.

  • True APR Rate – Companies who give car title loans in Dallas, TX don’t always give a clear idea of their true APR. Our title loans in Dallas are always the same. We charge a flat 6% APR. Other companies, like Texas Car Title & Payday Loan Services Inc., will calculate interest on your loan each month, then roll the entire amount into a brand new loan. By the time you’re done repaying your loan, you could have racked up an effective rate of 300% APR! That’s not what VIP Finance does.
  • Local Ownership – VIP Finance is locally owned and ONLY operated in Texas. So when looking for a title loan, Dallas, TX residents can trust that VIP will work in their favor. Our business is built to suit the needs of Dallas, TX residents. Many other title loan businesses are run by out-of-state entities. This means that they are not bound by Texas laws and their policies may be unfavorable to Dallas, TX residents.
  • Clear Term of Loan – Our terms go up to one year depending on the loan. But no matter what, we always give you a clear path to repayment. And you are never penalized for paying early. Many other title loan services compound interest every 30 days. This leaves borrowers in a cycle of repayment that is very difficult to break.

Check out how VIP Finance of Texas compares to other title loan companies here.

VIP Finance – Title Loans Dallas, TX

Are you looking for title loans in Dallas, TX? VIP Finance is the place to go. We have helped thousands of people save money, and we can help you too. All you need is your car’s title and some identifying documents, and VIP can get you the cash you need, fast. Most people have their money in less than thirty minutes!

Let’s Get Started

Remember, title loans in Dallas, TX is our business. When you are ready to get your Dallas, TX title loan from the best, send us an email or stop by our Dallas location to find out for yourself what makes the difference for our customers.



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VIP Finance of Texas

VIP has been in business since 1989 as the 1st Auto Title Lender in the DFW Metroplex. We are locally owned and operated here in the DFW area in the great state of Texas. This creates quite a few benefits for our customers. For example, because we are not a big corporation our policies are flexible based on different situations.

Also, we are a Registered Creditor with the state of Texas and governed by Texas laws, which is rare in this industry. Most of our competitors are out of state lenders governed by out of state laws that are more favorable to them.

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