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Get Rid of Debt with Smart Borrowing Decisions

Sudden, inevitable life events such as losing a job or medical emergencies can be enough to drive one to apply for a loan. However, no matter how trivial the debt is, many find being in debt daunting. The truth is, borrowing doesn’t always have to be a stressful experience. Making smart borrowing decisions can help you repay your loan easily. Before submitting your loan application form, take a look at these factors to dodge any borrowing-related complications:

Know How Much Money You Need to Borrow

Don’t borrow more than the amount you need – this is the rule of thumb when applying for a cash loan. Remember, you will be paying for the interest on top of what you owe and the bigger the amount you borrowed, the bigger the interest you’re likely to pay. To make sure you’re not borrowing beyond what you need, map out all the expenses this loan will cover. Find a loan repayment calculator online to help you with planning your repayment strategy.

Apply for the Right Loan

The amount of time it takes to review the application and get approved as well as the time it would take to repay the loan depends on the type of loan you’re applying for. A mortgage, for instance, is one of the most popular ways to get the funds you need. However, it isn’t always the best option as it comes with a high interest and the loan approval process may take a bit longer than other loan types. A payday loan, meanwhile, can be the most viable option for those who need quick cash. But as renewing the loan only involves paying a significantly small amount, it’s easy to get stuck with a loan with a whopping interest rate. Talk to your lender about your options and carefully evaluate each before signing up for anything.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

It’s easy to get lost in the complexities of applying for a loan, especially for first-timers. To prevent complications down the road, it pays to understand every element involved in applying for a loan, from interest rates to repayment policies and beyond. If you find yourself feeling lost in the midst of all the financial mumbo-jumbo, don’t be afraid to be honest and ask questions.

Find the Company that Offers the Best Interest Rates

If you’re signing up for a loan with a financial institution instead of a bank, negotiate terms and interest rates to make sure you’ll be able to stick to your repayment plan. No matter how urgent your need for a loan, make sure you understand the terms before agreeing to anything, to avoid submitting to a staggering interest rate or to hidden charges. Check for any additional charges that may be attached to your application fees, as these may dent your funds or your ability to repay your loan. When applying for a loan, it’s imperative to go to a reputable financial institution that the community trusts. VIP Finance of Texas has been the go-to lender for residents in the DFW Metroplex area since 1989. As a registered lender in the state of Texas that has remained locally owned and operated through the years, count on us to provide you with flexible terms, fair interest rates, and excellent customer service. Download our form and apply for a loan today!
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In Case of Financial Emergency, Trust in Car Title Loans

When financial emergencies happen, your options may be limited. Moreover, you can’t always depend on your friends and family to assist; they won’t always have the resources to help you out. You can try borrowing from your bank or credit union, but the tedious process may take more time than necessary. Fortunately, there is an alternative – car title loans. Car titles loans (also known as title pledge or pink-slip loans) are short-term loans that use vehicles for collateral. If you own a car with a clear title, you qualify. These loans are often for an amount that is 25-50 percent of the vehicle’s value. On average, these loans range between $100 and $5,500, but in some cases, they can grow as big as a five-digit sum.

Not Your Traditional Loan

A bank loan application requires your credit history, employment history, and other personal information. Once they have all the requirements, the lender will then begin the process of examining the borrower’s credit-worthiness. Applicants will have to wait for weeks before they know if their loan has been approved. Car title loans, on the other hand, are quicker and easier to process. Potential borrowers just need to fill out an application form and start the process. Upon submitting the form, the title loan company will then ensure the title matches the vehicle and assess its value. Once they have the car’s approximate value, they can immediately approve a loan.

An Ideal Financial Solution

The entire process normally takes an hour. Lenders also do not require employment verifications or credit checks. Since your car serves as the collateral, there’s no need for the additional paperwork associated with conventional loans. Auto title loan lenders hold the title, and if the borrower fails to repay the loan, the former will become the vehicle’s owners. The speed and convenience of car title loans make it the ideal Plan B for financial emergencies. Another benefit of an auto title loan is that you can still drive your car. Once you make your final payment, you get the title back. So, you don’t have to worry about getting around when you take out this type of loan.

Car Title Loan Considerations

If you are planning to apply for a car title loan, consider the following:

  • Your vehicle’s market value. Here at VIP Finance of Texas, we assess the value of your car to determine the ideal loan account. If you want to be sure of your car’s value, you can head to the Kelley Blue Book website.
  • The fine print. Similar to other contracts, go through your loan approval with a fine-tooth comb and learn more about specifics: calculation of interest rates, penalizations of non-payments and late payments, etc.
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    How Do Car Title Loans Work in Texas?

    A car title loan is one of the fastest ways to obtain cash in Texas. Simply called a “title loan,” this short-term loan option lets you borrow money in which you put up your car title as collateral. If you need quick cash to cover an emergency or major financial commitment, this route is worth considering.

    What are the Features and Benefits?

    In Texas, there are many types of title loans to choose from, with varying finance charges and types of interest depending on your situation and needs.  The main advantage of this loan is the ease of obtaining it. Lenders will have manageable requirements and terms, such as no credit checks and minimal paperwork, and some could even make instant approvals. With just a car title and few supporting documents, you can walk away with money in your wallet and still get to drive and own your car. There is a catch, however, as with all secured short-term loans. If you miss a payment, make a late payment, or not pay at all, the lender will take hold of your car. So if you’re considering this option, make sure that you are financially capable of meeting your monthly interest and principal payments.

    How Do Car Title Loans Work?

    There are three things to know about the structure of a title loan:
    1. Loan amount
    2. Term length
    3. Interest rate and finance charges
    Loan amounts can be as low as $100 and go as high as $5,000 or more. The length of the loan will depend on the amount you borrowed and the payment amount. For the interest and fees, the lower they are, the better. But you should also consider its calculation against your principal loan amount. Is it simple interest or compounded? How frequently is it compounded? With some lenders, you also have the option to customize a payment plan based on your current and future financial situation. If the lender doesn’t provide this option, it’s best to look elsewhere. Once you’ve decided on an ideal loan agreement and provided all the documents, you’ll hand over your car title, and the lender will put a lien on it and give you the borrowed amount in cash. Keep in mind that you can only redeem your auto title once you pay the loan amount in full.  During this time, you may opt to walk away with your title or renew the loan if you need the money.

    Managing Your Car Title Loan

    When it comes to managing your car title loan, the golden rules are to plan, compare as many rates and lenders as you can, and study the loan terms carefully. This way, you can avoid doling out more cash to redeem your auto title, or worse, losing your car. While state and federal regulations are there to protect you from these harsh consequences, it pays to make wise choices and be proactive about paying off the loan as stated in the agreement. A title loan promises fast and easy cash. To some, the finance charges and extra fees can lead to a cycle of debt. But if you know to manage your money well, it can be a lifeline during an unforeseen life event, like a medical emergency. Nonetheless, loans of any kind always come with risks and repercussions. So, base your decision to take out a title loan on how badly you need the money. If it’s just for a vacation, try to save instead, and start finding ways to build an emergency fund so you don’t need to borrow huge sums. To learn more about all of your title loan options, please give us a call or visit one of our branches and let a VIP Finance staff member walk you through our process.
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    No Credit Checks, Easy Financing: Advantages of Equity Loans on Car Titles

    An auto title loan is one of the most preferred ways to get access to quick cash. This short-term loan uses the title of your car or any other vehicle as collateral. For the loan to work, the title of the vehicle must be under your name and you can’t have any other existing loan on the car. In exchange for the cash loan, your lender gets to keep your title as well as a copy of your car keys until you have made your final payments. Compared with other types of loan, auto title loans offer convenient repayment options, fast approval, and lower interest rates, among other advantages. Let’s take a closer look at why a car title loan can be your best option.

    You Get Quick Cash Through an Easy Process

    For individuals who are pressed for time, car title loans come in handy. In many instances, borrowers do not need to visit a physical store to complete the application process or submit the necessary forms. You can complete the form in minutes and then submit it online. Some companies even approve the loan the same day, so you don’t have to wait long to receive your cash.

    Your Credit Doesn’t Matter

    When applying for an auto title loan, you don’t need to scramble to rebuild your credit. Car title loans are generally known as no-credit-check loans. Many lenders would not ask to see your line of credit; a car and a steady source of income would suffice.

    You May Qualify Regardless of Your Vehicle

    You may qualify for a loan regardless of the type of vehicle you own.  Your car, a truck, an SUV, a motorcycle, or an RV can be used. Some lenders even offer cash loans for snowmobiles.

    You Get to Keep Your Car

    As lenders only use the title, not the unit itself, as collateral, you can still drive your car even if you haven’t paid your loan amount in full. Once you make your final payment, your lender will return the title to you. On the contrary, if you’re unable to pay your loan back, your lender will keep your auto title.

    You Pay Lower Interest Rates

    Compared with cash loans, auto title loans have comparably lower interest rates. This is because lenders use your vehicles as collateral, which provides them with an extra layer of protection and allows them to charge lower interest rates.

    You Enjoy Convenient Financing

    Given that you have applied for your loan with the right company, repayment for car title loans should be quick and easy. The right lender should be able to provide you with a payment schedule so that you know your due payment dates. When in need of fast cash, turn to VIP Finance of Texas. We are the first auto title lender in the DFW Metroplex and has remained locally-owned and operated since we first opened our doors in 1989. As a relatively small lending company, we can offer our policies on more flexible terms as well as keep our customer service warm and personalized. VIP Finance of Texas is a registered lender with the state. Apply for a loan today!
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    Building an Emergency Fund: Your First Steps

    emergency fund The famous playwright Oscar Wilde once said, “To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect.” In terms of finances, expecting the unexpected is a smart move that spares you from future money-related stress. People who’ve had unforeseen expenses can either tell you how relieved they were that they had emergency funds or how difficult it was to find the money to cover their expenses because they didn’t have rainy day fund. Instead of worrying about the future, save up for a rainy day; get started on an emergency fund today.

    How Much Do You Need?

    Most financial experts recommend maintaining a cash reserve that covers three to six months’ worth of household expenses. To give you an example: In 2016, statistics from the US Department of Labor indicated that the average annual expenditure per consumer unit stands at $57,311. That would give you an emergency fund range of $14,327.75 to $28,655.50.   Does the amount seem excessive? The high price of your financial lifeboat is reasonable when viewed this way: Economic conditions can be uncertain; you can be laid off, and medical emergencies and household repairs could crop up at the most inconvenient times. Secure your financial future with an emergency plan as soon as possible.

    Emergency Fund Game Plan

    Pay Yourself First

    Start your fund contribution by setting up automatic deposits to your savings account. Doing so ensures you neither allow excess spending nor forget to make your monthly contributions. If your employer directly deposits to your checking account, add a second direct deposit to steer a portion of your pay to your emergency funds. Feel free to also set up an automatic transfer from your checking account to a savings account.

    Adjust Your Tax Withholding

    Instead of waiting until next spring for your tax refund, adjust your withholding tax now to receive more money in your paycheck. Make this change by submitting a revised W-4 form to your employer. Expect the adjustments to be reflected in your next pay. Once you receive the extra money, remember to transfer it to an existing emergency fund account.

    Request a Rate Reduction on Your Credit Cards

    Do you have a credit card balance? Get a reduction in your interest rates to save more each month. And don’t worry about getting rejected just yet; surveys show that asking credit card companies to lower fees and rates work 80 percent of the time. To get an estimate on your annual savings, multiply your outstanding balance by the interest rate. Remember: the higher your balance is, the more money you save.

    Have a Backup Plan

    If you happen to need cash quick before you hit your emergency fund goals, it helps to have a Plan B. For some people, a car title loan is the best alternative. With this loan, you can use the car’s value to get money without selling it. Car title loan providers assess your income and your car’s value to determine the type of loan you qualify for. Most of these loans are based on the vehicle’s real value, which ensures applicants receive fair compensation. These loans also guarantee competitive interest rates and have long terms (12 to 24 months). Expecting the unexpected doesn’t only show modern intellect; it also proves financial wisdom. Prepare for the unexpected by setting up an emergency fund today. Do you need financial assistance?  VIP Finance of Texas is eager to help you out. Visit our different locations today.
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