Location makes a big difference in the cost of raising a family. In Texas, you’ll need at least $58,096 annually to raise a family of four. These costs include housing, child care, health care, transportation, food, and other basic necessities. But what happens when your income can barely keep up with expenses?

A car title loan in Texas could make it easier for you to manage your family’s budget. Here’s how this loan works:

Car Title Loans are Easy

A car title loan is a fast option for you to secure the cash you need. First, you turn over your car title to the loan company. Then, the company gives you the cash you need. You can use the money to pay a bill or an unexpected expense, like a roof repair.

The loan company, like VIP Finance of Texas, will keep the car title until you finish paying off your loan. It’s a quick financial relief that provides money for housing costs, which can amount up to almost $1,001 every month. You could also use the cash for monthly child care, which could reach $984.

A Bad Credit History is OK

Texas allows a 120-percent annual percentage rate (APR), which you would want and need to apply for. Although only 18 percent of Americans have good credit, a perfect credit rating isn’t necessary for you to qualify for a vehicle title loan.

You don’t have to worry about your poor credit history because VIP Finance of Texas will still consider your application in spite of poor credit. The only responsibility you have is to pay the right amount on time.

Save Money with an Auto Title Loan

At VIP Finance of Texas, you and your car are in good hands. We help you get cash quickly and at a reasonable rate. Our vehicle title loans have a 6 percent APR, with terms that last for four to 12 months. You only need to bring the following to our brick-and-mortar locations:

Your vehicle for inspection

  • A clear Texas title
  • Proof of Residence
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of Residence

Sounds simple, right? Well, with VIP Finance of Texas and a low-cost Car Title Loan, it is! Call us today to get a free quote and get the extra cash you and your family need!