Although many Texas residents are hardworking individuals, banks still deny a healthy portion of them loans.

Traditional lenders focus mostly on a person’s credit report or credit score, and they ignore pertinent variables such as temporary loss of job, disability and the like. Denial is not only absolute with traditional lenders, but also the application process is extensive.

Some people end up spending hours completing mounds of paperwork and waiting two weeks only to find out the bank will not help them with funding. VIP Finance provides an option to Texas residents who need cash for a wide variety of reasons. The company provides a fast and easy auto title loan.

What is a Title Loan?

A title loan is a quick cash advance that uses the value of one’s vehicle as its basis.

In other words, if the person requesting the advance owns a new car in excellent condition, he or she might be able to obtain a loan of several thousand dollars. Title loans give honest Texas residents a chance to turn their automobiles into quick cash. The hassle-free and speedy process of obtaining a title loan is almost too good to be true.

How VIP Works

To qualify for a title loan, the applicant has to be of legal age to sign a contract. This means the person must be 18 years of age or older. The applicant also needs to be a resident of Texas.

Additionally, the person should have a stable job with a decent income.

However, VIP will consider applicants with other consistent sources of income. Aside from those qualifying factors, the applicant must also own the vehicle he or she is using for the advance. The person should have the title in his or her hand. In some cases, VIP will extend extra assistance and pay off the client’s loan if the balance is not a large amount. However, to increase the chances of gaining approval, one should have the title in possession.

The complete loan process takes approximately one half-hour to finish. Upon completion of the necessary signatures and forms, a loan representative can issue a client a check. The interest rate for VIP Finance advances is 6 percent, which is by far one of the lowest interest charges in the market.

The aim of VIP Finance is not to deprive residents of money. The intention is to provide a consumer with the cash he or she needs to get by.

Contacting VIP

VIP Finance has been serving residents of the Dallas Fort Worth area for the past 20 years. This company has customer satisfaction down to a science, which is why everyone goes to it for assistance. Anyone who is interested in securing an auto title loan can contact someone at VIP by dialing (214) 819-9491 in the Dallas area, (214) 319-6699 in the Garland area or (972) 783-6669 in the Richardson area.