Are you unable to get a loan because of poor credit? Do you own a car?

If you answered “Yes” to both of these questions, you stand an excellent chance of getting a loan on the equity in your car. VIP Finance, an auto title loan Euless, would like to help you make this happen.

Auto Title Loan Definition:

An auto title loan is a loan that is taken out on the equity in your automobile. A clear title and a steady income will put you in good standing with us. We appraise your car to determine its value. In addition to a pink slip, we also need proof of income and residence address. Usually, our clients have money in hand in around thirty minutes.

Imagine not having to fill out mountains of paperwork, only to wait weeks for final loan approval and funding. At VIP Finance it is all done the same day.

If you are on a fixed income, such as Social Security benefits, you are still eligible for an auto title loan with us as long as your vehicle has equity.

Paying Back Your Loan from VIP Finance:

When you get a loan from VIP Finance, we charge you a flat 6 percent interest on your loan.

This loan is financed over a one year period and has no prepayment penalty whatsoever. We can charge a low-interest rate because we are locally owned. We have the most lenient late and missed payment policy in the industry.

We work with our borrowers when they are experiencing financial difficulties during the pendency of their loans.

Other Lenders:

Did you know that other auto title lenders charge between 150 to 300 percent on their loans? On top of that, the borrower must pay off the entire loan balance in addition to the interest and loan fees. A $4,000 loan from VIP Finance would cost you $240 in interest over a one-year loan period. If you got an auto title loan from one of our competitors, you would wind up paying up to $16,000!

The Principle Decreases:

When you get an auto title loan from another loan company, you will not pay anything at all on the principal balance for quite some time.

However, if you get an auto title loan from VIP Finance, you will be paying on your principal every time you make a payment.

Auto Club Insurance:

We offer a “safety net” for our borrowers. At the time that you get your auto title loan, you can also join our Lender Approved Auto Club. If your car breaks down or is in a wreck, just bring the car to us. You can walk away from the loan and will owe nothing more on the balance.

The Industry’s Best:

Now you have financial options even though your credit may be less than perfect.